What is RCM PUC & How to Open? Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to know what RCM PUC is and how to open it in your area if you do RCM business? Today, we will try our best to provide you all the information in detail through this article. There will also be a discussion about RCM PickUp Centre (PUC) benefit.

RCM is a great company as well as a good service provider that is always ready for the interest and convenience of its customers. So RCM has opened RCM PUC for the convenience of customers across the country. You can get RCM products from here and take advantage of them at your convenience.

Let’s find out what this RCM PUC is and how you can handle it

What is RCM PUC?

In today’s era, many companies have entered the multi-tiered market, but the same company succeeds, which is one step ahead of the rest of the companies in meeting the right convenience, their beliefs, and expectations of the customers.

RCM Pick up Centers (PUC) are installed in every corner of the country so that people can get their products easily. The price of RCM products is the same in both the village and the city.

How to Open RCM PUC

You can open RCM PickUp Center anytime anywhere in your area but you have to follow the higher terms and conditions which you must be aware of. If you do not know, read the following lines and get information.

  • The place where you want to open RCM PickUp Center ie PUC is within the scope of RCM Depot (100/200 km).
  • There should be no more PUC near 3 kilometers of your chosen location.
  • To open RCM PUC, you must obtain a technical achievement and a royalty achievement agreement.
  • Opening RCM PUC requires an investment of at least Rs 5 lakh, and a security deposit of Rs 10,000.
  • Tools have to invest more than 6000 rupees.

Some things to note after the opening of RCM PUC that you need to know: –

  • You have to make a minimum purchase of 1 lakh rupees every month from the RCM depot.
  • There is a minimum of 20 diamond club for RCM PUC, and 10-star diamond club achievers.
  • Sales must always be sustained.

Types of Rcm PUC

Along with the Rcm PUC, there are two other types that are larger than this, and you should also be aware of it so that you can convert your PUC into a larger scale.

  1. RCM Pickup Center
  2. RCM Wonder World
  3. RCM Wonder World Quick

RCM Wonder World: RCM Wonder World is also called Super Market. It is a widely prepared RCM supermarket spread out insufficient size. It allows you to shop like a shopping mall. It is now established in large cities where the population is high.

People can easily buy RCM products according to their needs. Now let us know how you can open this RCM Wonder World in your region: –

How to open RCM Wonder World

To open RCM Wonder World you need to fulfill the following conditions: –

  • For this, you have to invest at least 25 lakh rupees.
  • 1200 square feet for RCM Wonder World. It is mandatory to have a place.
  • You have to confirm the purchase every month from RCM Depot.
  • In addition to selling products, you also need to prepare a team for your store, which will maintain the store.

RCM Wonder World Quick: RCM Wonder World Quick is similar to “RCM Wonder World”, but it is a shortened version so that all RCM products can be accepted. RCM Wonder World Quick is slightly smaller in size than the RCM Wonder World.

It is similar to RCM PUC. The RCM company is now focusing more on Wonder World Quick so that all pickup centers can now expand their business and enter Wonder World Quick.

How to open RCM Wonder World Quick:

To open RCM Wonder World Quick, you need to follow the following rules:

  • You have to invest Rs 10 lakh to start it.
  • About 300 square feet. It is mandatory to have a place.
  • One also needs to form a team that has professional and experienced people who simply center the store and stay ahead of its profits.

Recent Top 10 RCM PUC in India

RCM PUC NameCityTotal Selling
Samastipur Rcm Victory StoreSamastipurRs. 31059667
Rajat Rcm Pick Up CenterChattisgarhRs. 26585302
Ravi Kumar Nag PucJagdalpurRs. 23272017
Panna Ram SahuKankerRs. 20322227
Shivam PUCVaranasiRs. 19235530
Rcm Mouray Lok EnterprisesRamgarhRs. 19140644
Om Sai TradersGorakhpurRs. 19024737
Baba Kinaram Rcm PucMugalsaraiRs. 18800548
Manidra Mondal Rcm Pickup CenterNabarangpurRs. 18031779
Sarita Rcm Puc JalpaiguriRs. 16355559

RCM PUC Benefits

  • By purchasing from RCM PUC you will get both its guaranteed bill and online bill.
  • RCM products will be sold through direct sales which will save you money.
  • If you are not satisfied with an RCM product, you can return it before the deadline.
  • RCM will get an eight percent profit on each sale.
  • You will find all kinds of household items from clothing.
  • You will get a discount when you purchase from RMC PUC which is automatically credited to your account.
  • In it, you will find the product completely vegetarian and also 100 percent authentic.

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