Pennsylvania’s Cheri Honkala is the First Candidate to Run on the Leap Manifesto [VIDEO]

At The Leap, the work we do is nonpartisan. We don’t make endorsements in elections. But we do welcome any genuinely progressive candidate who embraces the principles of the Leap Manifesto, regardless of political party.

After all, the manifesto is not only a collective sketch of the world we want—it’s also a concrete tool for helping to realize that vision. For us, it’s crucial that we both inspire and pressure politicians of all stripes to take up this fight.

This weekend, Cheri Honkala became the very first candidate to do just that. A legendary U.S. anti-poverty and housing activist, Cheri is running in a special election for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 197th House district. She’s campaigning on a strong message of halting fracking and fossil fuel pipelines, pushing for universal health care and a $15 minimum wage, offering sanctuary to migrants, and much more.

In a short video released on Saturday, Cheri announced a pledge to “implement a platform derived from the Leap Manifesto that addresses the many challenges we have,” calling the manifesto “one of the first documents I have ever seen that lays out a roadmap for combatting the crises of climate change, inequality, and racism together.”

Check out the video below—and for those of you in the 197th, make sure to vote tomorrow.

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