How to Get Canva Pro for Free 2022

Get Canva Pro for Free: Canva is a graphic design platform based in Sydney, Australia, launched on January 1, 2012, by Clifford Obrecht, Melanie Perkins, and Cameron Adams. It’s available in 100 different languages all over the world. Canva is a common tool for those in the marketing and design industries and does not necessitate any high-tech or design skills.

It offers both website and application and is considered the best photo editor in today’s time. This platform already has pro plans, which can easily create photos and is regarded as an excellent website for creating brochures and design. Canva Pro is a subscription-based design solution for businesses that provides unlimited downloads from a catalog of 60 million pictures without watermark.

Here person with no design or creative skills can easily create images for social media posts, curriculum vitae, YouTube thumbnails, Twitter ads, and other uses. The trial offer is open for all users and gives you a 30-day subscription to Canva Pro, with unlimited downloads and access to all of the service’s graphic design and marketing features!

You can get Canva pro for free using one of two ways. One way to get Canva pro for free is to use the GitHub student pack, while another is to use the Canva pro account to get an invitation connection. We’ll go over both approaches in depth.

If you want to get Canva Pro for free then you will love this article. Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Get Canva Pro for Free

1. Free Canva Pro with Github Student Pack

One of the cool things that come with being a student is the Github student developer kit. I know we all despise being students, but if we had learned about the GitHub student kit, we would have wished to remain students forever. The Github Student Developer Kit offers a variety of resources for free to students.

Canva pro provides free offering access to educators and students around the world. It is true. One can access Canva for free from any country if they are an educator or student.

You can sign up from mentioned link you can sign up with Clever, Google, or your school email address. A form has to been submitted with teaching details to get access.

However, the way it works, teachers have to apply for access. Teachers can grant access to up to 30 students at a time after the account has been approved. You’ll get an email confirmation from the Canva team once the team has checked the submitted details, and you’ll be able to add your class for free.

You can also become a Canva pro user for free by using an invitation connection sent to pro users. If you have a Canva pro account created with the GitHub pack, you can add users to your team for free and give each of them a Canva pro subscription worth over $100.

If you don’t have a GitHub account, there is a way to do so. Here’s how to use a team invitation connection to access Canva’s pro subscription.

  • You can add users to your team for free if you have a Canva pro account created with the GitHub student pack.
  • To add users, go to the Canva menu, select the option to build a team.
  • Select “Get invite connect” from the drop-down menu. After that, copy the connection.
  • Now all you have to do is send the connection to everyone who wants to get Canva pro for free.
  • Open the invitation link into your browser and check to create an account.
  • Simply enter your email address and password to sign up for Canva.
  • ‘Congratulations, you received a free 365-day Canva pro trial’ will appear.

3. Canva Pro for Non-Profits

Another way to get free access for Canva Pro is having Canva Pro for Non-Profits.

Canva will provide free lifetime licenses to public health organizations starting in March 2020 to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. This project is part of the Canva Pro for Nonprofits scheme, which gives certified non-profits free access to Canva Pro.

There are some eligibility standards that must be met to participate in the program. This is to prevent exploitation of the platform. The eligibility criteria vary from country to country.

You can visit on mention website to create your account you can click on apply now option and on the next page, you can check you are eligible for Canva Pro non-profit platform or not.

Then you should provide the required documents and details by filling the form. Then you can submit the form. The team from Canva will get back to you via mail with approval. If their criteria will be met with your details you can enjoy free access to the Canva Pro account.

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