How To Embed Facebook Feeds On Your Website


Facebook has been powerful for years and it is continuously growing with a user base of 2.8 billion active Facebook users. Started in 2004 with an intra-communication software, Facebook has grown into the popular and largest growing social media platform to connect with people across the globe who you have never met before or in person in your entire life. Facebook is mainly used by people to upload content from their daily life, connect with friends, and learn about the popular trends among the social media active people. 

Nowadays Facebook is also a crucial platform to stay updated with businesses and learn what’s new on the internet. Facebook is not a popular social media platform for ordinary people, but it is also a popular, result-driven, and powerful social media platform for businesses also to reach more potential audiences across the globe. 

Facebook is about to cross the 3 billion record by the end of the next year or maybe very soon, making it the largest social media platform with active users. 

However, with advanced technology, new tools and software are emerging in the marketplace to utilize every bit of Facebook marketing and promotional purposes. You can use Facebook to enhance your marketing game plan and make exceptional use of the Facebook platform. 

Now Facebook feeds or posts are not only limited to Facebook itself, but you can expand the use of Facebook feeds on your website. 

So if you are having a business website and also have a Facebook Business Page where you regularly upload posts, engage your followers, and run Facebook campaigns to promote your business, then it is a great opportunity to leverage the highly impactful content directly on your business website by embedding these Facebook feeds. 

In this blog, we will brief you about how to embed Facebook feeds or posts easily on your website. And also, why you should showcase Facebook feeds on your website. 

Let’s start with, 

Why Should You Give Shot To Embed Facebook Feeds On Your Business or Normal Website?

If you are a business and promote your business on Facebook, you are probably acquainted with the customers’ engagement with your Facebook content. 

Your followers are engaging with your Facebook content with likes, comments, shares, or maybe tagging your business using a mention tag or sharing their feedback through Facebook reviews & star ratings. 

Regularly posting on Facebook keeps your audience engaged and connects your customers with the other side of your business. 

Also, your website visitors check your Facebook Business Page to check the authority and socially active side of your business. 

Your website visitors check your Facebook page to check what kind of content you promote on your Facebook page and how many people engage with your Facebook content. 

But displaying Facebook feeds on your website, bridges the gap between your Facebook posts and engages your audience with authentic Facebook content directly on your website.

You can display Facebook posts on your website increasing the engagement factor and build the authority of your website. 

It will also improve the content quality on your website with unique and interactive Facebook posts. 

You can embed Facebook posts on your website to enhance the appearance of your website and build humanized content that your customers can easily relate to. 

Another benefit of using Facebook feeds on your website is that it will improve your search engine rankings, as it increases engagement, dwell time, unique & informative content, and the overall appearance of your website. 

So here is how you can embed Facebook feeds on your website in an easy way. 

How To Embed Facebook Feeds On Websites?

There are many ways you can use it to embed Facebook feeds on your website. But we are talking here about taking the screenshot of the Facebook posts and uploading it on your web page and publishing it. 

You can directly embed the Facebook feeds on your website with the Embed feature on the Facebook posts. You can select your favorite Facebook posts, click on the three dots on the posts, select the Embed option from the menu list, and copy the code. 

Now you have to open your website and place it in the backend of your web page and save the changes. 

But the only drawback of this method is that you can only embed one Facebook post at a time. Hence, there is a much better solution for embedding Facebook posts on your website. 

If you want to display multiple Facebook feeds on your website, a Facebook widget tool like Taggbox Widget or EmbedSocial. 

With this tool, you can collect multiple Facebook posts from your Facebook page or using mention tags and embed them on your website beautifully. 

Thus, using a Facebook widget or a social media aggregator makes it easy for you to display social media posts on your website.

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