How to Check Telenor SIM number – Find Telenor Number

Are you looking for a guide on how to check Telenor SIM number? Here’s a complete guide for you.

Telenor is one of the biggest telecom services with customers from all over the country. With one of the best possible networking service, one can attain, Telenor has millions of subscribers. Telenor offers its customers more than just good mobile service. 

Most mobiles do not offer you the information of your SIM number. Hence, if you’re a new Telenor customer and you’re having trouble finding your number via mobile, we’ve enlisted the easiest ways possible for you to get the details on your Telenor SIM number. 

Check your Telenor SIM number with Zero balance: 

Telenor offers you the ability to discover your phone number without having credit. To make things easier for their brand new customers, Telenor has offered support in terms of letting their customers check out their phone number without having any credit in their mobile account. You can also verify the owner of that mobile connection if you avail of this service. 

Telenor Mobile App- Discover your phone number: 

Another way of discovering your phone number of Telenor SIM is through the mobile app. Through this application, you can get access to all your Telenor SIM account information. All you have to do is: 

  1. Download the application. 
  2. Login to the account. 
  3. Your phone number will be displayed on the home screen. 

How to Check Telenor SIM number via phone: 

There are two ways you can actually get access to your Telenor mobile number and both of them involve having less to no credit.

Both ways involve your mobile phone, so please be certain to follow the crucial steps and bear with them. 

Via Phone: 

Here’s how you can discover your mobile number via the call log: 

  • Open the keypad. 
  • Dial *8888#. 
  • Wait for the confirmation message. 
  • You will be provided with information about your SIM number. 

Via SMS: 

You can also get your phone number revealed via SMS, and here’s how: 

  • Open the messaging app. 
  • Dial 7421. 
  • Send them a totally blank message. 
  • After a while, they will respond with the information about your phone number. 

Terms and Conditions: 

There are a few things you must know about before you avail this Telenor service. Please be aware that: 

  • This service can only be availed on an active SIM. 
  • Telenor can change the check codes anytime. 
  • Please visit the official Telenor website for answers. 


You can now easily check the Telenor number of your SIM by dialling or texting the check codes provided by Telenor itself for its customers to use.  That’s all about how to check Telenor SIM number. 


1- Can I change my number with zero balance? 

Yes, you may change your Telenor number with zero balance in your account. 

2- What if *8888# doesnt work? 

If that doesn’t work please try this code to check your Telenor SIM number, *222*4#. 

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