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In The Keystone Suit, It’s Big Oil Vs. Democracy

A Canadian oil conglomerate is suing the U.S. over its actions to protect the climate. It’s a small taste of what could come under the TPP.

The Corporation Behind Keystone XL Just Laid Bare The TPP’s Threats To Our Climate

TransCanada, the notorious fossil fuel corporation behind the ill-fated Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, just made abundantly clear…

Protecting a Climate Agreement from the Threat of Corporate Trade Challenges

Corporations have used ISDS to challenge governments over 600 times, and in numerous cases these challenges are clearly related to health or environmental decisions by governments.

Climate vs. Trade: The TPP Fight is Only the Beginning

After observing the devastating impacts of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, the German government accelerated its popular program to phase out nuclear power. Seizing…

Oil Exports Are the Next Step in Obama’s Fossil-Fueled Presidency

Since the 1970s, US law has prohibited the export of crude oil. There are exceptions—the US can export oil to Canada, for example. But otherwise,…