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After the TPP, Here’s a Progressive Vision for Trade

The Sierra Club has unveiled a discussion paper that presents fresh, bold ideas for one component of a broad new approach to trade: how to move from polluter-friendly deals to ones that support tackling climate change.

A Canadian Corporation Wants to Impose Gold Mining on Greece. CETA Could Cement It.

CETA would give Canadian mining companies a huge stick with which to beat EU states that don’t want dirty extraction projects. In Greece, that’s a life or death question.

Geeks for the Leap: Towards a “People’s Innovation Plan”

A geek’s approach to connecting digital innovation with climate justice and the vision of the Leap Manifesto.

Want To Keep Fossil Fuels In The Ground? Stop These Trade Deals

The fight for climate progress already faces enough obstacles without the additional roadblocks imposed by the TPP and TTIP.