Category: Deliberate Economy

Leap Thunder Bay Plans a City Council Takeover In 2018

A Thunder Bay group has unveiled a localized version of the Leap Manifesto—and a bold proposal for how to enact the platform, by running a slate of Leap candidates for City Council in next year’s municipal election.

After the TPP, Here’s a Progressive Vision for Trade

The Sierra Club has unveiled a discussion paper that presents fresh, bold ideas for one component of a broad new approach to trade: how to move from polluter-friendly deals to ones that support tackling climate change.

If There Are No Nurses, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution

Nursing as a profession is based on the values of caring, compassion, and community, and nurses are powerful allies who will attract countless others to your cause.

Our Poisonous Economic System Needs A Grassroots Intervention

The fight for democracy, peace, and climate justice is accelerating. It is time to join the chorus of voices insisting that national governments do their part.

Taking Back The Grid: Struggles For Energy Democracy In Canada And Beyond

Energy must be wrested from private hands, in ways that protect worker and Indigenous rights, work to dismantle global systems of imperialism, and support the growth of vibrant communities.