Category: Polluter Pays

Canada Cannot Have It Both Ways on Climate and Fossil Fuel Expansion

If we look at what we dig, not just what we burn within our borders, there has been a relentless rise in carbon emissions.

To Stop Climate Change, Don’t Just Cut Carbon. Redistribute Wealth.

A clean energy economy catalyzed by a carbon tax is only a progressive victory if it’s also a just economy.

Utilities Pay Up

A new report calculates how much additional revenue would be available for investment in energy efficiency if utilities paid their fair share of taxes.

Climate Law Champions Are Battling The Fossil Fuel Industry In Court

Climate litigation will dwarf all other litigation, including tobacco and asbestos, in terms of both the number of plaintiffs and the timeframe over which it can stretch.

At an Exxon-Funded “Shadow Lobby” Meeting, Climate Change Denial Is Right at Home

At the Exxon-funded IOGCC “shadow lobby” meeting, climate change denial runs rampant, while solutions to climate change are never discussed.