Category: Migrant Justice

This Weekend, Call on Trudeau to Open Our Borders [VIDEO]

Let’s unite to challenge the heartless immigration policies the Trudeau government is clinging to in this hour of need for vulnerable communities.

Tweets Are Not Enough: Time for Canada to Step Up Against Hate

Send a letter to your MP asking them to denounce the Muslim ban, rescind the Safe Third Country Agreement and welcome more refugees to Canada this year, including those left stranded by Trump’s ban.

“Death Has Become the Solution to Poverty”: Gambia’s Exodus

Kemo Fatty, a Gambian youth activist working on migration and ecological issues, reflects on the flight of young Gambians and the potential solutions to displacement.

Five Takeaways from Trump’s Win for Canadian Progressives

How can our social movements emerge stronger and more interconnected from this fight?

The Era Of Climate Migration Meets Violent Borders

Reevaluating the global border regime is key to addressing the disproportionate effects of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable people.