Category: Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

In Norway, A Growing Movement Builds an Oil-Free Future

A growing movement is mobilizing to stop a new round of Arctic drilling and get Norway out of its oil addiction.

Warmth, Wins, and Way Forward: Climate Change and Canada in 2017

We need to show Prime Minister Trudeau that people in Canada expect him to actually deliver on his promises for real change.

Could Be Time for Alaska to Make The Leap

Why not consider leaping into the clean energy economy in a way that spreads the largest blanket of civic benefits to Alaskans?

Is Christy Clark Going Wildrose Pre-Election?

We already know that Christy Clark wants to export Alberta’s dirty oil. Now it seems her supporters want to import Alberta’s toxic politics.

Canada Cannot Have It Both Ways on Climate and Fossil Fuel Expansion

If we look at what we dig, not just what we burn within our borders, there has been a relentless rise in carbon emissions.