Category: Climate Science and Impacts

Warmth, Wins, and Way Forward: Climate Change and Canada in 2017

We need to show Prime Minister Trudeau that people in Canada expect him to actually deliver on his promises for real change.

Empowering Children to Confront Our Ecological Crisis

It is not too late for our children, but we need to prepare them to be courageous leaders.

Canada Cannot Have It Both Ways on Climate and Fossil Fuel Expansion

If we look at what we dig, not just what we burn within our borders, there has been a relentless rise in carbon emissions.

Petro-Gotham, People’s Gotham

Will a red-green coalition transform New York into a democratic mural, showing other cities how to slash carbon in an effective, democratic, and egalitarian way?

“Death Has Become the Solution to Poverty”: Gambia’s Exodus

Kemo Fatty, a Gambian youth activist working on migration and ecological issues, reflects on the flight of young Gambians and the potential solutions to displacement.