Category: Climate Politics and Justice

Pennsylvania’s Cheri Honkala is the First Candidate to Run on the Leap Manifesto [VIDEO]

Running in a special election for PA State Representative, Cheri Honkala announced a commitment this weekend to “implement a platform derived from the Leap Manifesto.” Here’s our reaction.

Empowering Children to Confront Our Ecological Crisis

It is not too late for our children, but we need to prepare them to be courageous leaders.

Could Be Time for Alaska to Make The Leap

Why not consider leaping into the clean energy economy in a way that spreads the largest blanket of civic benefits to Alaskans?

Is Christy Clark Going Wildrose Pre-Election?

We already know that Christy Clark wants to export Alberta’s dirty oil. Now it seems her supporters want to import Alberta’s toxic politics.

Big Green Bites the Wrong Hand

With its 2016 National Environmental Scorecard, the League of Conservation Voters has failed to understand the climate vision behind Bernie Sanders’ historic presidential campaign.