Category: Blockadia

From North Dakota To Kenya, People Power Fights Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

We are witnessing a growing and powerful movement of protectors and people power stretching from North America to the Global South in areas like Lamu, Kenya.

The Time For Direct Action is Now

We can’t leave the hard work to other people. We have to stand up for the world we love.

Climate Emergency: Global Insurgency

There is no choice but to escalate today’s campaigns against global fossil fuel infrastructure.

Defend The ZAD: A Call For International Solidarity

On October 8th, tens of thousands of people will gather on the ZAD (zone a défendre) to demonstrate that the determination of the movement is as strong as ever.

To Overcome The “Very Real Split Within The Labor Movement” On Climate, We Need A Just Transition

A leaked internal AFL-CIO letter illustrates a troubling disconnect on climate, but what working people deserve and what climate science compels are actually the same thing.