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The Sky’s Limit: Why The Paris Climate Goals Require A Managed Decline Of Fossil Fuel Production

A new report scientifically grounds the growing movement to keep carbon in the ground by stopping all new fossil fuel infrastructure and industry expansion.

Holding Clinton’s Feet To The Fire On Climate

Here are some key areas where the climate movement will need to apply significant pressure.

How A Totem Pole Unites Indigenous Resistance Struggles Across The Continent

A visual recap of this year’s 5,000 mile Totem Pole Journey, which brought together Indigenous communities fighting fossil fuels across Turtle Island (North America).

What Would Sitting Bull Do?

If there is to be a battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline, I would not bet against a people with nothing else left but a land and a river.

This Is What Insurgency Looks Like

The Break Free from Fossil Fuels actions amounted to a global nonviolent insurgency.